What our PR Toolkit Can Do for Your Business

Innovating online: our 5-Module PR Toolkit can transform your business marketing to boost growth.

We believe PR is a core component of an effective business marketing strategy, if you are serious about growing your business. Our online Toolkit aims to make PR an accessable ‘must-have’ instead of a costly luxury.

At Inis Communications, we have over 15 years of experience in working with SMEs and professional practices. So we understand that you are under pressure with the day-to-day tasks of running your business. Perhaps you have no time to plan strategically to target audiences who can deliver the highest profits?

This is why we have developed this online public relations toolkit to help you grow your business:

An easily accessible, efficient and practical online PR toolkit that puts you in control

5 separate Modules which also work together to meet your business marketing needs

Gives you access to our high levels of PR and journalism expertise

Not just a template… we share our experience and expertise to collaborate with you every step of the way

A transparent pricing structure – so no nasty surprises or open-ended budgets

Creates the toolkit you need to plan and deliver authentic and organic marketing for your business

3 ways PR can help your Business

Securing Media Coverage

Investing as little as €500 could secure you media coverage worth over €20,000

Quality Website Content

Our quality website content can boost your website’s Google rankings

Global Audience Reach

Our campaigns have reached global audiences of over 70 million

Product Bundles


PR Toolkit Bundle 1


Bundle Price €900
Saving €200
PR Toolkit Bundle 2


Bundle Price €700
Saving €150
PR Toolkit Bundle 3

Normal Price €1800

Bundle Price €1500
Saving €350

Individual Products

PR Strategy

PR Strategy



We work online with you to develop the right public relations strategy to boost your business growth and maximise profits.


  • Three one-to-one full hour online consultation sessions with our skilled experts
  • Review of your business goals and aims
  • Assessment of current online and offline presence
  • Review of your target audiences
  • Set of selling messages which promote your business
  • Public Relations solutions which are customised to your business
  • Review of your target audiences
  • A practical Public Relations Strategy document to guide your business marketing forward
PR Action Plan

PR Action Plan



Turning your PR strategy into a step-by-plan: we work online with you to create the tasks and schedule you need to implement your Public Relations Strategy.


  • Two one-to-one full hour online consultation sessions with our PR experts
  • Turning your PR Strategy into a practical guide to action 
  • Includes the Public Relations tasks needed to deliver your PR Strategy
  • Timeline for implementing your tasks
  • Status updates, to check off completed tasks
  • Allocation of roles to team members
  • All in the one flexible Action Plan document which can be updated as you go along
  • Tips on other tools which can help implement your plan
Website Brief

Website Brief



If you aren’t clear about what you want from your website, then it’s less likely to deliver for you. If you want web developers to create or update the website you need, they need a proper brief. We work with you online to create a detailed brief which meets your needs and budget.


  • Two one-to-one 45 minute consultations with our PR experts
  • Review of your existing website and a look at best practice on other sites
  • List of features and elements which enhance ease of use and navigation for users
  • Creation of detailed website brief for the redevelopment of your site
  • Map of pages, sections and tabs
  • Brief to include technical features aimed at boosting traffic to your site
  • Support for seeking quotes and funding for your website redevelopment.
Online Content Template

Online Content Template



Do you struggle with what to say online to best promote your business? We work with you using this interactive tool, to create a content map for your website and social media.

• Two one-to-one 45 minute online consultation sessions with our experts
• Review of your existing PR, website, digital and social media content
• Creation of a customised interactive tool to map your future content
• Template to include list of internal and external sources for content
• Map to encompass website and social media platform needs
• Creation of customised news and information feeds for your external content• Schedule for posting of content to website and social media
• Schedule for posting of content to website and social media

• Tips and shortcuts for finding and creating quality content


Social Media Plan

Social Media Plan



Working online with you, we use this interactive tool to create a detailed campaign plan for rolling out across your social media platforms.

• Two one-to-one full hour online consultation sessions
• Developing a strategic approach to social media campaigns

• Being clear about the target audiences you need to address and engage

• Review of your existing content resources, such as website pages, blogs, links/urls, photographs, graphics and video
• Identifying any potential needs for new resources to support your campaign, such as landing pages and graphics
• Creation of a customised interactive schedule to map your campaign, week by week or month by month
• Incorporates key selling messages and the best ways to illustrate them

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